The Newport Tower

The Newport Tower
Medieval stone tower ... in Rhode Island. Does it look like any other Colonial structure you've seen? Recent carbon dating of the mortar indicates 1400s construction date (see post below).

The Westford Knight Sword

The Westford Knight Sword
Medieval Battle Sword ... in Westford, Massachusetts. Can anyone deny the pommel, hilt and blade punch-marked into the bedrock?

The Spirit Pond Rune Stone

The Spirit Pond Rune Stone
Medieval Inscription ... in Maine, near Popham Beach. Long passed off as a hoax, but how many people know the Runic language? And how is it that some of the Runic characters match rare runes on inscriptions found in Minnesota and Rhode Island? Carbon-dating of floorboards at nearby long house date to 1405.

The Narragansett Rune Stone

The Narragansett Rune Stone
Medieval Inscription ... in Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay. This Runic inscription is only visible for twenty minutes a day at low tide--is this also the work of a modern-day, Runic-speaking hoaxster?

The Westford Boat Stone

The Westford Boat Stone
Medieval Ship Carving ... in Westford, MA. Found near the Westford Knight site. Weathering patterns of carving are consistent with that of 600-year-old artifact. And why would a Colonial trail-marker depict a knorr, a 14th-century ship?

The Kensington Rune Stone

The Kensington Rune Stone
Medieval Inscription... in Minnesota. Forensic geology confirms the carvings predate European settlement of Minnesota--so did Runic-speaking Native Americans carve it?

The Hooked X Rune

The Hooked X Rune
Medieval Runic Character ... on inscriptions found in Maine, Minnesota and Rhode Island. But this rare rune was only recently found in Europe. This conclusively disproves any hoax theory while also linking these three artifacts together.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brody New Novel

The third novel in my "Templars in America" series, Powdered Gold, is now out. This follows Cabal of the Westford Knight and Thief on the Cross. 

Again, the plot turns on artifacts that seem to indicate exploration of America before Columbus. The characters focus primarily on the Mustang Mountain Rune Stone (top) and the Tucson Lead Artifacts, pictured here.



The book also reveals some fascinating new alignments at both America's Stonehenge and the Newport Tower.

The book is available now at Amazon, with Kindle and Nook coming live over the next week:

Below is a synopsis of the story.


Historian Cameron Thorne and his fiancĂ©e Amanda Spencer don’t for a second believe the Ark of the Covenant is hidden in a cave in the Arizona desert. But when a militant Survivalist leads them to a radioactive replica of the Ark, filled with a mysterious white powder, they begin to wonder if legends of Templar Knights visiting the American Southwest on a secret mission might be true. What is this strange white powder? And is it the key to understanding the true power of both Moses and the sacred Ark of the Covenant?

In the deserts of the American Southwest, they examine artifacts such as the Mustang Mountain Rune Stone, the Tucson Lead artifacts, the Los Lunas Decalogue Stone and the Grand Canyon cave drawings—do these objects, along with ancient Aztec/Toltec legends, somehow tie back to the Knights Templar or their French forbearers?

Working with a militant survivalist attempting to go “off grid” in the Arizona foothills, Cam and Amanda also investigate a strange, seemingly-magical substance called White Powdered Gold, or ORME, derived from the desert sands of Arizona. They are intrigued by the similarities between this substance and manna, the miraculous food that nourished the Israelites while they wandered in the desert. Is it possible that White Powdered Gold is the key to understanding the mysteries of, and power behind, the sacred Ark of the Covenant? More ominously, has a radicalized group within the Defense Department reached the same conclusion and vowed to silence anyone who might disclose this secret?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Narragansett Rune Stone Recovered

Approximately one year ago the Narragansett Rune Stone was stolen, the multi-ton boulder hoisted out of Narragansett Bay under the cloak of darkness. A few months ago the Rhode Island authorities secured the return of the artifact; it now sits in a warehouse at the URI campus in Narragansett. Recently we were given permission to film the artifact for the movie adaptation of "Cabal of the Westford Knight." Here are some images of the boulder and the carving, including the forklift marks suffered when the boulder was moved.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Narragansett Rune Stone Recovered

Happy to report that the Narragansett Rune Stone has been recovered by RI authorities working with the RI Attorney General. The artifact, a large boulder sitting in Narragansett Bay, had been removed/stolen last summer, purportedly by an abutting land owner who apparently didn't appreciate its possible connections to ancient exploration of the area. The good news is that, now that the boulder is on land, the artifact can be preserved and studied. Here's a short article:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Disney and The Goddess

Instead of posting about a new artifact, I wanted to share some research I've been doing regarding the ancient secret societies and their belief in the need for duality (a balance of male and female) in the godhead.
I believe that many Freemasons and other members of secret societies aren't aware that their organizations are carrying forward the ancient secrets regarding Goddess worship and the belief in the need for duality in the godhead. But Walt Disney was a high level Mason who knew all about this stuff and imbedded these themes in his stories. If you look at the Disney films like "Snow White" and "Sleeping Beauty," the storyline is always about a prince who can not effectively rule his kingdom until he finds his princess (who I believe  represents Mary Magdalene). Blocking this quest is the evil stepmother—the usurping “mother” who really is not a mother at all (representing the “Mother Church,” claiming to be the bride of God). The kingdom is dysfunctional until finally the evil stepmother is overthrown and the princess takes her rightful place aside the prince/king, thus creating balance and happiness in the land.

Flash forward a few decades to some of the more modern Disney films, and this theme continues and is expanded upon. In Zodiacal terms, the Age of Pisces (which began with Jesus and followed the age of Aries) is now ending and the Age of Aquarius is dawning:

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
(The Fifth Dimension, from “Hair”)

So Disney in 1989 releases “The Little Mermaid.” Again, the prince Eric can’t effectively rule his kingdom until he finds his princess, Ariel. The twist, of course, is that Ariel lives under the sea (again, with no mother). Eric needs to turn to the water, or Aquarius, to find this goddess and usher in a time of happiness.  (For those who think this movie is anti-feminist, note that the worst thing that happens to Ariel in the movie is that she "gives up her voice" in a deal with the evil Ursula.)

If you think this is a stretch, take a look at the film at the point where Ariel is singing “Part of Your World.” During the song she is looking thru her treasure chest. In addition to jewels and heirlooms, she pulls out a portrait of Mary Magdalene. See image below. A random coincidence?
"Magdalene with the Smoking Flame" by Georges de la Tour

Monday, January 28, 2013

America's Stonehenge on America Unearthed

Happy to see H2's "America Unearthed" show did such a good job with the America's Stonehenge episode that aired this weekend (and will re-air over the coming weeks). Some of the episodes have been disappointing, but this one did a good job summarizing the evidence and describing why many people feel the ancient Phoenicians build the New Hampshire site, perhaps 3500 years ago. The son of the owners of the site, Kelsey Stone, has done some fascinating work showing how the summer solstice sunrise illumination links the site to Stonehenge in England and also to the Phoenician homeland of what is modern Lebanon. Standing at the center of the NH site, and looking directly into the summer solstice sunrise, one's line of sight would pass directly through one of the arches at Stonehenge, England. Attached are images showing this phenomenom, courtesy of Kelsey Stone (on the top image, the bottom line is simply the east-west line; the upper line is the summer solstice sunrise line). The line of sight, extended, eventually would also pass through Lebanon, presumably where some ancient Phoenician temple or monument would have been erected.